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Date: December 21st, 2011
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Slow Internet? How to Remotely use someone elses (faster) Internet Connection to Browse the Internet

The Problem

My internet is very slow, I have trouble downloading files and browsing the internet. 

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The Fix

Summary: This tutorial if part of a series on Getting the Most out of a Slow Internet Connection, click here to see more tips.

Ever wished that you could just use someone else's internet connection?  Well, that is possible, though it has its limitations.  All you have to do is get a friend to let you install's software on their computer, or, better yet on a VM.  You will then be able to remotely control their computer from yours.

This will help you browse the internet faster - pages will load much faster than on your own connection (just watch the video).  If you use this in conjunction with Dropbox, you will also be able to upload/download files to your local machine.  For example, to upload the video associated with this post, I first put it in my Dropbox, then after it synced I logged into my friends computer via and uploaded the video to Youtube from there.  In the past it has taken a week's worth of attempts to upload a video of the same size.  I was able to do it on the first try from my remote connection. 

The contrary works as well.  I have downloaded youtube videos to my remote machine via and then copied them to my  Dropbox.  (Alternatively you can send files directly to your Dropbox by following this tutorial)

Step 1 - Create and account at

Image 1

Go to and click Create Account. 

On the next page click Access Computers Remotely and fill in the form.  Note that if someone else will be installing logmein on the remote computer, they will need the password - so do not use your "default password"

After you fill out the form, logmein will send you to the Add Computer computer screen.  Click Add a different computer (Image 1).  In the Email yourself a helpful reminder box, type in the email address of the person who will be lending you their internet connection and click send. 

An email has now been sent with instructions and a link to login at logmein.

Step 2 - Installing logmein on the remote computer

This step is easy - just as your friend to follow the instructions below that were included in the logmein email - be sure to send them your login and password.

  1. Log in using your email and password at
  2. Click Add Computer.
  3. Download and Install

During installation, your friend will be prompted to create a password, be sure that they send that to you.  This password will be asked for when you login to the remote computer.

Step 3 - Login to their computer and browse

Image 1

To login, just go to and login.  In the next page, click Remote Control.  You may be prompted to install a browser plugin or extension, I suggest that you do as it will help with speed.   You should be prompted for a password, use the one that your friend created in step 2. 

You should now be seeing the remote computer screen.  Open up a browser and go!

If the connection seems slow, you can adjust the quality of the images and sound that logmein sends to you.  To do this click on the icon made up of 4 small colored squares in the upper right portion of the window. (Image 1)  You should then see 5 monitor icons, by selecting one further the left you will increase your speed.  By selecting one  further to the right, you will increase your quality. 

Step 4 - Transfering Files

The easiest way to transfer files between your computer and the remote computer is with Dropbox.  Dropbox is a free service that synchronizes files between computers.

After you sign up you will need to download the installation program, just run it and accept all of the default options. You do not need to install Dropbox on the remote computer as well, however that is the easiest option.  (If you do not, you can just login to on the remote computer and download the files from there.)

Once Dropbox has been installed on both computers, you can transfer files by simply dragging and dropping the file into your Dropbox folder.  For example, if you want to download a large file, you can just download it on the remote computer and then drag it into the Dropbox folder.  Or, you can upload files, pictures to Facebook for example, by dropping them into your Dropbox folder and then logging into your remote computer and accessing Facebook. 

Why is Dropbox better than a download manager?  Dropbox does a better job of insuring complete and uncorrupted downloads by breaking each file up into small chunks and then checking the validity of each section.  If the chunk does not match up, Dropbox re-downloads the smaller section - guaranteeing an accurate transfer while using little bandwidth.

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