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Date: January 4th, 2011
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How To Use Recuva to Recover your files from a Flash Drive or Memory Card

How Do I...

How do I recover a deleted file from a Flash Drive or a Camera Memory Card?  How do I recover data from a formated Flash Drive or a Camera Memory Card?

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The Fix

Summary: Undeleting a file is not difficult, though it is not always 100% successful.  The first thing to do is to stop using the pen drive or camera card that contains the deleted file.  When a file is deleted the space it takes up is considered free space by the computer.  This means that by adding any files to your flash drive/memory card, you could overwrite the the file you are trying to recover.

Step 1 - Download and Install Recuva

Image 1

This tutorial uses Recuva to recover the deleted files.  Recuva is a powerful yet free recovery program.

Go to   Recuva will ask you to download Recuva with Priority Support and pay some money. This is not necessary, below you will see a link to "Download from" (Image 1) Click on that link and download the installation file.

Once you have downloaded Recuva you should install it.  It is a very basic installation and you can accept the default settings.

Step 2 - Scan your Storage Device with Recuva

When you run Recuva it will start the Recuva Wizard and ask you some basic question about the file(s) you are try trying to recover.

On the first screen you can click "next." Then choose which kind of file you would like to recover, if you do not see the file type you are looking or are trying to recover various file types, select "Other" - doing so will show you all files.

Click "Next"

Recuva will now ask for the location of the file you deleted. Select "In a Specific Location" and then select your pen drive or camera card and click "Next".

Now you will be asked if you want to "Enable Deep Scan." Deep Scanning will take a while. My suggestion is to first try with out Deep Scan and if your file is not found scan again with Deep Scan enabled.

Click "Start"

Recuva will now scan your system and produce a list of files. If your file is not on the list run the wizard again, this time choosing "Other" as your location and selecting your hard drive; then choose to "Enable Deep Scan." If your file is recoverable this will find it.

Step 3 - Recover your Deleted Files

Once you have found your files check the box next to them and in the bottom right hand corner click "Recover". You will now be asked where you would like to recover the file to, DO NOT choose your pen drive. This way you will not overwrite another deleted file.  My suggestion is that you save it to your hard drive.

Note: Your file may not have the same name anymore. Sometimes the file is able to be recovered but its name is not. In this case it will be given a generic name, in my case my file was called DD45.mp3 If you are having trouble finding your file try ordering the files by the date they were last modified. You can do this by clicking "Last Modified" at the top of the screen. Try to remember when you edited the file last and check that date.

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