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Date: December 22nd, 2010
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How to fix a Blinking Red Arrow Error on an HP DeskJet 5440

The Problem

My HP DeskJet 5440 stopped printing.  As soon as it turns on the feed paper indicator (orange arrow button) flashes.  When I try to print it does not do anything and then windows says that it failed to print.  I tried reseting it, leaving it unplugged for an hour, to no avail.  There is paper in the tray and I have checked for paper jams - how do I fix it?

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The Fix

Summary: This error can be caused by a faulty ink cartridge.  In my case I bought a cheap refill cartridge which was the root of the problem.  To fix it, just remove one of the cartridges with the printer on.  If the red arrow light continues to blink, replace the cartridge and remove the other.  The light should stop blinking now.  You printer should work now!  You will just need to buy a new cartridge to replace the defective one.

If it does not fix your problem go to:

and click on "Utility - Diagnostic Tools (‏1)"

A link to download the "HP Print Diagnostic Utility" should appear.

Download and run it, hopefully it will give you some useful information.

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