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Date: November 14th, 2010
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How to make a USB extension cord

The Problem

My USB cord is too short to reach where I need to go.  I need an extension but don't have one handy.

Tags: usb, extension cord, soldering iron, CAT5

The Fix

Summary: It is possible to make an USB extension cord.  You will need a soldering iron/solder and some CAT5 (networking) wire.  I have extended cables to up to 12 feet, going beyond is risky.

Step 1 - Prepare the wires

First cut the USB wire you would like to extend in half, then strip back the plastic shield that holds the wires together about an inch on the USB cable and the CAT5 cable.  Then strip the ends of each wire on both cables to prepare them to be soldered.

Step 2 - Pick wire colors

After the wires are prepared match the USB colors to the CAT5 cable colors.  This will help you to keep the wire straight when you solder the other end.  In the end it won't matter which wires you use.

Step 3 - Solder the connections

Solder the wires and insulate them, I used electrical tape.  Thats it!

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